About Me

Hi! I'm Suzanna Storey, a qualified therapist and counsellor specialising in mental health for creatives. I have a wealth of experience working across various creative sectors including Film and TV, Music, Music Education and the wider Entertainment Industry.

I have built my career working alongside creatives, assisting them on their journey, and helping artists to unlock their true potential through finding and exercising their authentic voice and harnessing their inner power.

With over 10 years experience within the entertainment and corporate industries, I am now focussed on one to one development. Whether you are an artist, singer / songwriter or working in a creative or corporate environment looking to understand yourself better. I have a unique understanding of the psychology of the creative brain, enabling me to connect with and understand creative individuals on a deeper level.

I believe in mental wealth - that we all have the power to unlock the hidden potential within us by understanding ourselves and our past experiences, and how they might be impacting our present and future. If you've ever felt stuck, or unable to move forward whether it be with anxiety, self-esteem or confidence, then I believe therapy can be a great tool in helping to unblock and release your true identity and true potential. I specialise in helping people connect with their true and higher selves.

I like to use psychodynamic approaches to therapy whether this be person centred counselling, humanistic approaches, CBT, NLP or hypnotherapy. We will work together to establish your goals and use techniques that work for you.