As a qualified psycho-therapist I take an integrative approach to counselling. I believe true change has to be driven by the individual. It’s about equipping people with the tools to do the work themselves. That is ultimately what will lead to lasting change.

I work relationally with each client, getting to know their unique story to better understand what is going on for them and their aims in therapy. I feel the most important thing is create a safe environment for the client to be vulnerable and share their personal truth. I adapt my practise to each individual's needs and can provide strategies with dealing with intense and uncontrollable emotions through incorporating techniques like CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), grounding exercises and DBT (Dialetical Behavioural Therapy), aimed at helping with distress tolerance and interpersonal relationships and their relationship with the world around them.

I also have experience working with extreme anxiety, trauma, PTSD and abuse which may have led to feeling dissociated from yourself and your surroundings. I can help clients through integrating body work, such as breathing and relaxation techniques alongside talking therapy.

I am able to work through a short term solution focused modality (6-12 sessions) or a more long term holistic approach. Session are £60 an hour.

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I believe in mental wealth - that we can unlock the hidden potential within us by understanding ourselves, our present and past and how they might be impacting our future. If you've ever felt stuck, unable to move forward whether it be with anxiety, weight loss, self-esteem or performance, then I believe hypnotherapy can be a great tool in helping to unblock and release your true identity and potential. I specialise in helping people connect with their true selves and work through any self-limiting beliefs.

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Life Coaching

After completing my ILM5 - Leading an Empowered Organisation Training - I understood the need to help people find the leader within. True leadership doesn’t allow people to remain small but encourages each individual to find their passion and lead from that place.

Whether you are looking for a career overhaul or just some guidance on how to level up in your current setting, coaching helps you to discover your why, and move from that place.

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